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Malicious, Spiteful, Nasty...
It's Ransomware

Ransomware. Turn on the local news, go to a technology blog, read the headlines, it is everywhere. Unfortunately today it is impacting all organizations; hospitals, schools, large business, and governments. When Ransomware attacks it makes accessing sensitive and important data impossible and has the potential for significant impact to both the client base and the organization.


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Speaker BIO:
Stephen Coty is the Chief Security Evangelist at Alert Logic in Houston TX. He formally ran the Threat Research team building threat content and delivering threat intelligence to our partners and customers. Before coming to Alert Logic he was the Manager of Cyber Security for Rackspace Hosting. Prior to Rackspace He has worked at several companies including Wells Fargo Bank, Applied Materials, Stanford Medical Center and The Netigy Corporation. He has been in the Information Technology field since 1993 with a Focus on Security as of 1999 where he started as a penetration tester and auditor. Research has been his primary focus since 2007.