Tired of Navigating the Ever-Changing Licensing Landscape?

Maximize the Value of Your Microsoft Licensing
Investment with COMPASS

If you’re like most organizations, the complexities of Microsoft licenses and
continuous cloud delivery can leave you with more questions than answers:

  • What subscription model is best for our business?
  • How will future business changes impact cost?
  • Does our licensing follow our maturity ladder?
  • Are we over-buying?

According to Gartner, over 30% of new software and cloud expenditure went unused in 2022. And if you’re licensing Microsoft 365 at any level today, you’re probably paying for overlapping solutions.


of Microsoft’s modern workplace products are security-related, and the list of features is constantly growing and evolving. Chances are high that you’re already paying for security solutions you’re not using.

Get Control Over Your Microsoft Licensing

As a leading Microsoft Gold Partner and Azure Expert MSP, Core BTS understands the intricacies of licensing and cloud optimization. That’s why we developed COMPASS: a program that gives you the insight, direction, and buying power you need to map and manage your entire Microsoft investment lifecycle.

Here's how it works:

Establish Your Baseline

We analyze existing purchase agreements and usage data to get a measurable baseline and create fiscal forecasts.

Map Out Your Strategy

We document the functional needs of your end users, assemble technology profiles, and align them to Microsoft technologies.

Weigh Your Options

We help you analyze multiple scenarios to determine the best investment strategy for you.

Move Forward With Confidence

You have a comprehensive licensing strategy that points you to your true north: the place where you can start maximizing your Microsoft investment.


You will be armed with the licensing bill of materials you need to find your true north and maximize your investment.


Outcomes + Value


Use real data to show you where you can make improvements to your Microsoft portfolio.


Get a clear understanding of the solutions your end users need and align technology accordingly. No more over-buying, just right-sizing.

Buying Power

Get the licensing data and bill of materials you need to maximize your Microsoft investment.

Before you commit to your next contract, contact us to ensure you are maximizing the value of your Microsoft licensing investment.


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