Creating Digital Experiences with Modern Apps


The flexibility of modern apps can increase access, improve experience, and drive value for your customers. This session digs into the key attributes of the modern application and how to leverage them to gain competitive edge.


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Why are Digital Experiences Important?

We have seen a first wave of disruption created by cloud computing. Companies have lifted and shifted workloads from on-premises datacenters to the cloud. Now, many companies are poised to begin a second wave of innovation empowered by cloud native tools and architectures. In this on-demand webinar, we cover:

  • Benefits of a positive user experience
  • What can ruin a digital experience
  • Key considerations
  • Areas of innovation
  • 6 key takeaways



Andy Glassley

Using a strong background in app modernization and software development, Andy helps organizations accelerate digital transformation and align business goals to IT strategy. He specializes in guiding organizations through the development of holistic software solutions that delight users and speed time to market.

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