Enabling Secure Connectivity without Borders


The security edge is disappearing, and workplaces are no longer defined by four walls. So how do you secure endpoints without making it painful for internal IT and end users? Watch this session to get tips for enabling a secure, modern infrastructure that supports end user connectivity in a hybrid workforce.


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Bridge Networking and Security

In this on-demand webinar, we review secure connectivity as it applies to the organization today. We will focus on how to use technology to bridge the gap between networking and security in today's hybrid workplace. This in-depth session covers:

  • The Future of Secure Remote Work
  • "The Great Return": The Battle for the Office
  • Return to Office Challenges
  • How Wireless Drives New Hybrid Work Experiences
  • Hybrid Work with Smart Buildings
  • OpenRoaming
  • ...and much more!



Brian Wilson

An IT Leader with 18 years of industry experience, Brian engages with a variety of clients to assess, strategize, and tackle business challenges together. With a background in managing datacenter, security, and network operations for a multi-national organization, Brian brings together multiple disciplines to deliver strategic IT services and security solutions. Brian has worked with healthcare clients to recover from security incidents and lay the groundwork for a robust security practice, including ensuring the organization is well staffed, organized and can effectively utilize the tools and processes put in place.

Kevin Taggart

Kevin has almost 25 years of experience in the IT sector, working on both the client and partner side of the house. As Director of Enterprise Networking, he helps drive digital transformation with automation, orchestration, and visibility into today's network. He is a double CCIE, holding two of Cisco’s highest certifications in the enterprise and security space.

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