Enhance the Employee Experience Using the Latest Productivity Tools


How do you keep a hybrid workforce connected and engaged? How can you support wellbeing and productivity? Watch and learn how to use Microsoft Viva to enable and empower your workforce.


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Employee Experience + M365

There are many factors that contribute to a superior employee experience like trust, growth opportunities, strong management, and a positive workplace. In this on-demand webinar, we demonstrate 6 ways Microsoft Viva helps you enhance your employee experience:

  • Viva Connections: Culture and Communications
  • Viva Insights: Productivity and Wellbeing
  • Viva Topics: Knowledge & Expertise
  • Viva Learning: Growth & Development
  • Viva Goals: Purpose & Alignment
  • Viva Engage: Culture & Communications



Johnny Lopez

Johnny is a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer. He is a passionate evangelist who delivers his professional experiences, technical expertise, and real-world Microsoft 365 content services and Power Platform experience to the technology communities. Johnny has been working in the SharePoint community for the last 10+ years.

Christina Wheeler

Christina is an expert in SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and the Power Platform. She loves helping customers streamline business processes through building automated solutions with the Power Platform to empower their business. As a trainer, Christina brings her real-world experience to the classroom. She is a regular speaker at technical conferences and loves to share her knowledge with others.

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