Discover the Power of Passwordless Authentication



What if your end-users could stop creating, storing, or remembering passwords?

New standards like Web Authentication API (WebAuthN) and Fast Identity Online (FIDO2) are making passwordless authentication a reality.

Watch as Core BTS' security experts discuss how you can securely transform your organization for the future using passwordless. 


Key Takeaways

In this video, you will discover: 

  • How to use passwordless with personal accounts
  • Recovery options with passwordless authentication
  • How to enable passwordless on apps via federation

of breaches involve passwords as the attack vector


of people, surveyed use the same password for EVERYTHING


of people surveyed share their passwords


Paul Smith_Square

Paul Smith

Senior Solution Architect, Core BTS

Paul Smith, Senior Solution Architect at Core BTS, has 15 years of experience in the IT industry and has played key roles in several Identity, Security, Federation, DevOps, and Azure-based projects. Paul's core skills include advanced troubleshooting, remediation, and integration of cloud and COTS applications. Paul has significant experience in architecting solutions with core principles of automation, zero-trust, and least privileged design. 


Brian Wilson

Director - Secure Solutions, Core BTS

Brian Wilson, Director of Secure Solutions at Core BTS, has over 16 years of experience working in the IT sector. Brian has successfully designed and led numerous business technology projects spanning from Datacenter to Networking and Security. Brian works closely with Core's clients to ensure projects meet or exceed requirements while providing best-of-class technical solutions that align with industry security standards. 

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