Protect & Defend: Effective Email Protection for The Modern Business


While often seen as an old tactic, phishing continues to be an effective way to attack organizations and exploit a weak link in the security chain: the user.

In this webinar, Core BTS' Langston Clement, Principal Consultant, and Justin Wray, Director of Services discussed the current state of email and ways to protect your organization against phishing attacks. They covered:

  • The phishing landscape and current trends
  • Successful spear phishing techniques
  • How to implement holistic defense mechanisms to protect your organization from attack

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Of employees are likely to submit their password on a fraudulent phishing page


Organizations around the world that experienced a phishing attack in 2020


Social engineering attacks are delivered by email


Core BTS - Langston Clement

Langston Clement

As a Principal Consultant of Core BTS' Security Practice, Langston leads the Red Team and Penetration Testing assessments. Langston has 15+ years of experience in cybersecurity and ethical hacking and continues to provide organizations with actionable information to improve their security posture.  Langston's current security specialties focus on modern-day social engineering techniques,  wireless and RFID attacks, vulnerability analysis, as well as physical and cloud penetration testing. 


Justin Wray

As the Director of Services of Core BTS' Security Practice, Justin helps organizations strategically maximize their security investments. With over 15+ years of industry experience, Justin has led a significant number of Security Incident response engagements, providing him with a unique perspective on the type of cybersecurity threats organizations are facing.

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