Secure Remote Work Workshop

Empower remote workers to stay connected, while maintaining security & control

Remote work is enabling millions of workers around the world to stay productive, helping organizations to maintain business continuity in the face of our global health crisis.

Core BTS is offering the Secure Remote Work Workshop where we'll discuss the most critical steps for remote work, and how we can rapidly deploy key scenarios for your organization. We’ll also evaluate your options and leave you with a concrete deployment plan and next steps.

  • Workshop helps to evaluate your remote work options in ONE day
  • Enable remote work quickly as a foundation for future advanced features
  • You'll gain a better understanding of your deployment plan, timelines and next steps
  • Microsoft Funding available up to $2,500 for qualified* organizations -  contact us to learn more!



Rapid Deployment of Microsoft Teams


 Adoption Recommendations


Enable Cloud or Hybrid Identity


Secure Access to Microsoft Teams




* Funding criteria subject to approval by Core BTS and Microsoft